Programmed for maximum performance.

Plug & Play: your connection to interoperable ticketing

High-performance backend systems are only as good as their interfaces. The vision of a standardized eTicketing system throughout Germany can only be realized if access for all transport companies and other intermodal transport providers functions smoothly.

Hardware and software for interoperable eTicketing

  • Cloud computing: scalable computing power for growing demand
  • Intelligent load balancing against ‘data traffic congestion”
  • Control service (KOSE)
  • Data protection for users and businesses
  • Option of standardized Plug & Play oriented solutions
  • Easy updating during operation
  • Guaranteed compatibility with all ION versions

The highQ software for ION exchanges provides robust security, the latest CRL management, easy versioning and reliable WEB clearing.

CRL management and control service

CRL management and control service (KOSE) have a special impact on the success of the (((eTicket Germany. highQ is also able to fulfill all KA requirements in this sensitive area. This has been proven in several pilot projects.

Value unit permissions clearing

The reliable determination of mutual claims is a prerequisite for interoperable collaboration between transport companies. highQ has planned various KA-compliant possibilities for WEB clearing.

Convenient versioning

Systems are constantly evolving. In a nationwide open interoperability network, different versions need to be able to work smoothly together at all times. highQ backend systems can be updated without disruption to business and are constantly compatible with other switching nodes in ION.

Plug & Play

Not every business needs a personalized backend system. This is why highQ also offers plug & play solutions for simple uncomplicated connection to the ION.