Simple. Secure. Connected.

A thousand requirements, one impressive solution: IONgate.

Standardized eTicketing for the whole of Germany – with IONgate. This nationwide, non-proprietary interoperability network (ION) meets the highest demands of scalability, throughput, data protection, security and reliability. highQ was involved from the very beginning in the development of interoperable electronic fare management for the (((eTicket Germany standard (VDV KA).

With just a single eTicket, intermodal journeys can be completed by bus, tram, bicycle and other means of transportation nationwide. You can start your journey without needing to concern yourself with the transport provider or complex tariff systems.

Powered by sophisticated technology

Making life highly convenient for public transport users requires sophisticated technology in the background. Sensitive personal usage data must be reliably captured and securely processed.

All transportation companies involved need to be confident that their services can be precisely determined and billed. This involves comprehensively taking a wide range of demands into consideration, from cashless payments to eTicket and pricing systems, different role models and use types, different requirements – from individual companies to transport networks – and, of course, the privacy of passengers and companies.

All this can be achieved with IONgate.