One system.

Transport companies, networks and intermodal transport

All public transport participants benefit from interoperable backend systems for eTicketing: small and large enterprises, transport networks, bus, train, subway, tram, ferry or providers of intermodal mobility such as car sharing or bike rentals – and ultimately, of course, passengers. Travelling from Flensburg to Freiburg or from Görlitz to Aachen with just one ticket – a solution that is already successfully in operation in certain eTicketing reference areas is now available across Germany. highQ makes it possible for you to access nationwide eTicketing.

Connecting small businesses with proven systems

If you want to offer your customers all the advantages of the (((e Ticket Germany and are looking for easy-to-use plug & play access to the nationwide interoperability network, highQ can provide you with proven systems that enable easy and future-proof connection.

Bringing large enterprises securely into the network

If customer service and the security of your own corporate data are particularly important to you, that is reason enough to set up your own switching node in the nationwide interoperability network. With highQ, you have a system partner who co-developed all aspects of the VDV-KA-compliant eTicketing system and has complete knowledge of all processes. As well as providing you with an interoperable backend system, highQ offers additional solutions such as the first completely VDV-KA-compliant TicketOffice EFM software or back-end systems for ticketing machines.

Systematic advice for transport networks

Whether yours is a large or small transport network, you will have your own technology legacy and thus special requirements for your EFM and connection to (((eTicket Germany. highQ has extensive experience in the practical implementation of customized solutions and ensuring successful systems migration. Working together, we will develop an individual ‘eTicketing roadmap’ for you and accompany you step by step in implementing ION.

Realizing the potential of multi-applications

Public transport is experiencing progressive transformation. The ultimate goal is sustainable intermodal transport – from bicycles to rental cars and public transport. However, related services such as travel catering, access or other payment systems are all possible on the basis of payment cards or smartphone tickets. Develop your own multi-application strategy with highQ.